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How Furnished Apartments Can Help You Save Money and Feel at Home

Are you tired of payingexorbitant prices for hotels or Airbnb rentals that don't feel quite like home?If you frequently travel for work, lead a nomadic lifestyle, or need to stay inone place for a while, consider renting a corporate apartment. These fullyfurnished apartments provide all the comforts of home and can save you a lot ofmoney in the long run.


What are Corporate Apartments?


Corporate apartments are fullyfurnished apartments that provide turnkey solutions for people who needtemporary housing. Initially designed for business professionals who travelfrequently, corporate apartments offer all the conveniences of home while onthe road. However, they are not just for business travelers. Anyone who needsan extended stay, such as those relocating to a new city, can benefit fromrenting a corporate apartment.


Saving Money with Corporate Apartments


One of the most significantadvantages of renting a corporate apartment is the cost savings. You can saveup to 50% on average by choosing a corporate apartment over a hotel room orAirbnb rental. Airbnb rentals are primarily designed for short-term stays andcharge per night, while corporate apartments were initially intended forlong-term stays and charge monthly. This structure provides additional savingswhen you opt for a furnished apartment.


In addition, corporate apartmentfees are typically transparent, whereas Airbnb rentals can come with hiddenfees. Your company may reimburse you for renting a corporate apartment for abusiness trip or cover the cost, providing further savings.


Exact Pricing


The average cost of a corporate apartment per night is $125/day, but keep in mind that this arrangement usually operates on a monthly lease, so going by a "per day" number isn't100% accurate. Hotel and Airbnb prices can range from $70/day to $550/day, depending on where you're staying. Expect to pay top dollar in places like San Francisco, Copenhagen, or Tokyo. You'll likely spend more on dining out, parking, and laundry facilities.


Amenities Galore


Corporate apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, meaning you can eat in more and take out less. You won't have to worry about going to a laundromat as you would in a hotel or Airbnb rental. In addition, corporate apartments offer a guaranteed private apartment, so you won't have to share anything with anyone else.


Extended-Stay Hotels vs. Corporate Apartments


Extended-stay hotels are different from corporate housing. While they offer a place to stay for an extended period, they provide various amenities than corporate apartments. Corporate housing is all-inclusive, meaning your utilities are included, and you generally get square footage, full-sized pantries, kitchens, and spare rooms.


Why Stay in a Corporate Apartment?


Corporate apartments are an excellent choice for anyone who needs an extended stay. They are not just for business professionals. If you're moving to a new city and need permanent housing, corporate apartments offer an opportunity to get to know the community. Unlike hotels or Airbnb rentals, where guests come and go, corporate apartments provide a chance to build relationships with the community that lives there.


A Professional Home Away from Home


A corporate apartment is an excellent choice if you need an extended-stay solution on a budget. Fullyfurnished and welcoming, these apartments provide all the comforts of home, and who knows, you may never want to leave.