Nationwide Locations

We take a hands-on, approach to serving each market that we represent. Because of this we have insider know-how in a vast array of global markets giving you the feeling of receiving local insider market expertise..

Who We Are

Live comfortably in your own home, not someone else's: no private residences or unskilled hosts. Properties and service providers have been carefully checked. Prime locations that are locally owned and operated. Pet-friendly options are available. Amenities include cable, internet, workstations, and tenant insurance—Texas' most trusted corporate leasing resource.

At affordable and reasonable rates, corporate housing, and furnished apartments in strategic locations in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, TX. Fast internet, quiet workplaces, and much more are available—experienced different sorts of Luxury. Reserving your luxury apartment is simple. Confirmation is provided immediately. Corporate serviced travel-ready, family-friendly, and pet-friendly housing.

Cotel Housing: Based in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, Texas, Cotel Corporate Housing is a market leader in the serviced apartment industry.


It's was a great experience!

We couldn't be happier with the end product. WellMade team has been the ideal partner in the design-build process for our backyard office shed.

Professional Process

I still can't believe the quality for price ratio offered by Well Made. They took care of everything from start to finish. The entire team was professional throughout the process, going above and beyond to create a quality building that blends into our space.

Its was a great experience!

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How It Works

At Cotel, we are a team of seasoned industry professionals fully committed to our rapidly expanding base of clients and the relationships that we have built and nurtured over more than 20 years in this industry. We are passionate about our brand of hospitality, and it shows to each of our guests. We believe in your wellness first and spare no effort in reaching this goal through a wide variety of individually tailored housing solutions.

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