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Cotel Housing has exceptional finesse in placing its valued customers visiting Houston for utilizing best healthcare facilities. Providing the world-class facilities to stay near the modern healthcare units in Houston, Stafford Housing has special arrangement to help visitors get easier access to best healthcare facilities. Stafford Housing has booked specially planned Furnished Apartments units falling in the areas of healthcare cities and zones. The Executive Apartments are designed to cater the comfort and ease of use for the guests. Simplistic designs, attractive decor, beautifully designed interiors with high blend mixtures of soothing colors and spaciousness give our visitors the feeling of peaceful reunion with oneself. The Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical facility in Houston, is a primary destination for quality medical treatment and Houston converges as healthcare tourism capital. Stafford Housing catered to this need by accommodating the visitors by supplying units and apartments in close proximity to healthcare centers in Houston. Notable location, spectacular views, best facilities including internet, spa, spacious rooms, well-done housekeeping, personalized services, high quality ambiance, soothing and comfortable lighting – equally spectacular city skyline views, easy access to shopping arenas, fine dining around the Furnished Apartments, 24/7 security, Newspaper reading rooms, corporate conferencing room and business portfolio management. All this but not without the favorite cocktails and best music traditions under one roof. Houston awaits the excitement to charge within you.

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